February 10, 2016

The One - The Single Girl Diaries



I was scanning through Instagram earlier today and one of those hearts popped up on my feed indicating someone had liked one of my posts. It wasn’t a name I recognized so I clicked on it. It was another blogger. So I did what any good girl does while on Instagram wasting the time she should be doing something else more meaningful- I stalked her and her feed. {:Hey she liked my post first.:}


As I scrolled through, this adorable couple photo with her sitting on the kitchen counter and her fiancĂ© in front of her while they were nose to nose caught my attention. The image was so flipping adorable it was nauseating, but the caption was stunning.It was something along the lines of how she never thought she would ever get “the guy.” You know the one all the girls swoon over because not only is he one tall drink of Man Mocha but he’s also kind, generous, has ambition and definitely has a great future ahead of him. She goes on to say that though she never thought she was pretty enough, sweet enough, loving enough - essentially enough - she got “the guy”. And he’s the best thing that ever happened to her. 


I was inspired by that because it is always easy to feel that way when your friends are all buying investment properties and you are just praying to make it to 30 with a reservation for two instead of one.Then later I started to do my devotions and I asked God a question: “What is your name?” Instantly I heard back - 


“The One"

Oh yeah. Jesus, you are my one. You are the one my soul longs for. You are the one  my eyes desire to gaze into. I was so busy longing for“the one” that I forgot I have actually already found the one. I have found my souls greatest romance in my Jesus. And yes I long to one day be married, but I am not waiting for “the one” because I have already found him. He is the one who wakes up the sun to kiss my face each morning. He is the one who makes sure peanut butter is on sale at the grocery store so this college student on a tight budget can afford it. He is the one who whispers to my soul in the middle of my time with him to remind me that he is the one who will never leave me, never forsake me, and always fight for me.


I truly have found the one my soul loves. Because he is my “one” and my contentment and joy is found in him I know I am ready and good enough to one day get “the guy.” 



February 8, 2016

I have a confession...


This is a safe place right? Okay. Come close, really close. I have a confession. Remember last week  I talked about how my heart has been an episode of Extreme Makeover? Well, there is more that I have found out in this makeover process. Are you ready for this?

I’m a horder. 

Not the kind of horder that is on that TLC show, but a different kind of horder. I’m a heart horder.

Let me explain. I’ve never been much of an actual horder. I would call myself more of a strategic saver. I mean, I don’t give things away the second I am no longer using them or the week they go out of fashion. But, I also didn’t keep any of my bell bottoms from middle school for when they came back onto the fashion scene last year.

I am however, a heart order. Let me put it into fashion terms with you and use an illustration that is familiar to all my fashionista friends on the other side of this screen - a closet.

See, if my heart is a closet, I like to keep everything that is in there right where it is. I don’t want anyone to pry in there for too long, try and move stuff around, and I am not going to show off all that is my heart’s closet because frankly I have never been one much for sharing my clothes {:blame it on the fact that I didn’t grow up with any sisters:}.

But there is this guy that has just come into my heart’s closet and wrecked havoc on it! He just started throwing clothes everywhere, saying things like: “This doesn’t fit anymore." "This is no longer in fashion." "Won’t be wearing this anymore!" "This thing? Yea, that never looked all that good on you anyway." "You don’t really need this right now; I’ll put it in storage." "And this awful thing? I just can’t even believe you ever wore this!”

OUCH! This is a bit more painful when the closet he is sorting through is your heart. My new stylists name? That would be Jesus. And he is apparently very concerned with what is stored in the closet of my heart. And heres another little secret: he’s concerned with what is in yours.

Too often we keep our hearts like we keep our closets - full of things that no longer look good on us, fit us, flatter us, or things that plain, outright never should have even been in there in the first place.

I may be a heart horder, but Jesus certainly isn’t. He wants to clear out, every unnecessary and out of date thing - only to fill it with the best. Jesus isn’t really into a bunch of cheap stuff in our heart’s closet. He is into couture fashion. He understands the fashion rule of simplicity and building a wardrobe from high quality staple pieces. These couture, signature pieces he wants to fill our closest with? They look like the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

It’s time we get rid of the ignorance, intolerance, worry, fear, and anger in our hearts. And it is time we replace the cheap stuff that is cluttering our heart’s closet with the couture items he has designed it to hold.

What items will you get rid of to allow God to fill your heart’s closet with?
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