October 1, 2011

What I need from you

I heard this poem a few years ago. It was written by several high school girls. I love how it beautifully they write about the need for "Transparent Honest & True" women to follow.

What I need from You

I desperately need you to show me wisdom.

I need you to show me what true beauty is,

A fierce kind of beauty.

I need you to show me that high heels aren’t always worth it.

I need you to be an example of virtue

And to tell me that life isn’t always what it seems,

That the past doesn’t dictate my future.

I need you to distinguish what just isn’t right, but wise.

You can’t let me compromise,

I need you to champion me into my inheritance,

I need you to show me courage through all circumstance.

I want you to show me how to smile, through my eyes.

I need you here to tell me that beauty is timeless,

That as you increase in age, you can increase in beauty.

I need you to make me laugh until my stomach hurts,

To keep me smiling at the days to come.

I need you to show me how to really eat chocolate,

And I need you to teach me to listen with my heart.

I need you here so you can take my hand and lead me.

You have to remind me not to just live but to live deeply in Christ.

I need you to dress me with strength and dignity.

And I need you here with me to walk through each day with confidence and boldness.

I desperately need you to show me the value in purity.

Never let me live without a relentless pursuit of god.

And most of all,

The thing I need from you most, to do most,

Is to live your life with a vigorous purpose,

Because my life depends on it.

From my heart to yours,

With love.

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