January 22, 2012

Jessica Alba's Updo

I loved this updo of Jessica Alba’s and decided to give it a try. If I can do it, anyone can. I’ve never been great at doing different things with my hair.
Pin up the hair around the crown of your head leaving about an inch and a half of hair around your face to the back of your ear to French braid. Also pin back the back bottom layer of your hair (from the back of the ear and back). Once both sides of the hair around you face are braided secure them with clear bands and add them to the hair pinned up on the crown of your head. Secure the hair with bobby pins or a clear band. Take the bottom section seperate it in pieces about an inch wide, curl it around 3 fingers and secure it to your head. Do the same with the top section. This style will hole better if you have texture to your hair so add some volumizing mouse before you blow dry.

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