February 27, 2012

God's "Naughty List"

“You should know in your heart that as a man chastens hisson, so the Lord your God chastens you. Therefore you shall keep thecommandments of the Lord your God, to walk in His ways and to fear Him. For theLord your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water, offountains and springs that flow out of valleys and hills.”
                                                                                              Deuteronomy8:5-7 (NKJV)

                No onelikes feeling like they’re in trouble, especially not with God. If we arehonest with ourselves sometimes in those not so fun seasons or seasons ofquestioning everything around us and in us it is easy to feel like we have beenput on Gods “naughty list.” We have all been there. We have all been in andthrough difficult and trying times, but what it is so important to realize inthose times is that God is setting you up for something absolutely wonderfuland amazing, something far beyond what you can ask, think or imagine (Ephesians3:20). When we are in these places or seasons we need to be diligent andcommitted to walking in the ways of the Lord and staying faithful to His planfor our lives. If we don’t stay committed to God and seeing his plan tofulfillment our vision of Gods faithfulness and goodness becomes clouded and wearen’t able to see that something great lies just ahead. Then exactly what we don’twant to happen happens, we end up staying longer in a place we never wanted tobe in to begin with because we haven’t allowed God to do the things in us heneeds to, to be able to fully prepare us for what is ahead.  I truly believe that  just around the corner of your trial ordifficult season is something so beautiful that you will look back on this timeand say “it was so worth it.”

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