March 11, 2012

Book Review: The Vow

A few weeks ago one of my girlfriends and I went to see TheVow. A lot of people seem to be having mixed feelings about the movie. Ihowever, LOVED it! I remember walking out of the theatre encouraged and thinking“this is the kind of man God has for me in my future.” I bought the book andsat down to read it Sunday night. Within the first chapter or two I knew that Iwas in for a long night because I was going to finish the book. Kim andKrickitt’s (the couple the movie is based on) story is nothing short of an ah-mazinglove story written by the hand of God.
            The firstfew chapters tell the story of how Kim and Krickitt fell in love the first time.I won’t ruin it by telling you here, but if you are single and thinking youwill never find him, you must get the book for this reason alone. It was soinspiring to me to see how God can interrupt a very normal day/moment to giveyou a fairytale.
            Anyway, incontrast to the movie Kim and Krickitt were only married 10 weeks before thecar accident that forever altered their life. The rest of the book is spentsharing an even more beautiful love story than the one they began prior to thecar accident. The book is about two people so committed to the “vow” they madeto God in trusting Him with their life and making Him the center of it thatthey in turn honor the “vow” they made before God to each other: till death dous part.
            Kim and Krickitt’sremarkable faith is revealed in every page of this book. They are very honestabout how difficult the journey was to falling in love again. They recognize thatwithout having Christ at the center of their relationship and individual lives,there would have never been a reason for a book or movie. Their story andspirit is incredible.
            So manypeople want this love story we all watched on the big screen. But, it made methink are we actually willing to pay the price of having something that is sobeautiful as the marriage between Kim and Krickitt? What they went through washarder than most of us can even fathom. So often we want what others have butwe aren’t willing to pay the price they paid to have it.

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