March 23, 2012

Down Under

Exactly one year ago today I landed in the land down under, Australia, for what was the most INCREDIBLE vacation I have ever experienced. I can't help but think back on those incredible ten days and marvel at what God allowed me to experience. He is so good!

So the plane ride was well, LONG. The first five hour flight from DC to Cali was was nothing compared to the 14 hour flight from Cali to Sydney.

But it was well worth it when we arrived, at 6 am, to what I am convinced could quit possibly be the most beautiful city on the planet.
And...I got my first stamp in my Passport
::Good thing you cannot see the picture in my Passport...YIKES::

We spent our first morning there in the beautiful Darling Harbor and ate breakfast gazing at these sights....
Not too bad huh?

My main reason for going to Sydney was to attend the women's Colour Conference at the world renowned Hillsong Church.
It was such a blessing to be able to attend this conference with my momma.
It is a memory I will NEVER forget!
God continued to blow my socks off when we got to sit in the fourth row! 
::This is a conference of 3,000-4,000 women!!::

After the conference we got to go sightseeing. We went to the Blue Mountains...

...all sorts of different beaches, including the famous Bondi beach, 

 ...and even to this amazing lookout point where we watched the sun set on Sydney.

::Breath Taking::

While I was there I also got to attend some classes at Hillsong Leadership College, talk about favor, and I meant some incredible girls.These girls are for sure world changers!!!

This vacation truly was life changing for me and an opportunity that God, and my amazingly generous parents, blessed me tremendously with.

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