March 30, 2012

High Five for Friday


WOO HOO! It is Friday!

I told you in my Sunday Seven that this past weekend was filled with awesome-ness and I waited 
until today to tell you. These are my five highlights from the past week...

1) On Friday night I had an 80's themed party. Tons of fun and BIG CrAzY hair!


2) The party continued on Saturday night when we went to a local restaurant to hear one of my best friends sing. I know the video isn't the best quality with everyone talking, but you can still hear how phenomenal she sounds!

3) It is spring break for WVU so that meant I had a weeks break from
all my graduate assignments!

4) I finally started my gardening this week by planting a Weeping Cherry Tree in my yard. I can't wait to get my flower beds in when I have a week off of work after Easter.

5) I bought these FABULOUS platform wedges Saturday that will most definitely 
be the topic of a post soon!

I hope you all had an amazing week too!

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