March 6, 2012

Psalm 61:2

Being overwhelmed is a feeling that can come along withalmost any emotion. Just think of the girl graduating college, planning herwedding, having her first baby. All of these things are so exciting but alsohave their moments of leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately, most ofus are all too familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed with worry,heartache, and just life in general.
This verse is so powerful it literally brings tears to myeyes when I look at it. It definitely does not need any further explanation,but I thought I would share some things God deposited in my spirit as I wasmeditating on this scripture tonight.
If you’re being lead to a rock that is higher …

…You must LOOK UP.
When you are climbing a mountain it’s important to look up.When your focus is up your heart is set towards God and not on the situationthat has left you feeling overwhelmed.

…You will gain a new outlook
The higher you get the further you can see, but you alsoaren’t able to see the small details you were able to see when you were closerto the ground. These small details of life are what often lead us to feelingoverwhelmed. Our mind gets wrapped up in the small things and makes them catastrophicsize issues. When you are on higher ground you can see further and you aren’t ableto get distracted by the small details that ensnare us.

…You are able to quiet your spirit.
I’ve been on top of a few mountains and despite myincredible fear of heights there is something remarkably peaceful about beingthere. When you’re up on that mountain you are forced to leave it all behindbecause everything that is down below is no longer within your reach. We sooften want to fix our overwhelming situations ourselves and then pray about itafter when we have failed miserably.  Quiet your spirit and ask God for grace and strengthfirst and then respond to His guidance.
 God is our rock. Letevery overwhelming situation be an opportunity to lead you closer to Him.

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