March 12, 2012

Shopping tip #1

This past Saturday I went with two of my friends, Kara and Aaron, into the city to play stylist. I had a blast!!! I think this would be my dream job! Shopping and spending someone else’s money, I think I could get use to this.  

I did have to say no to a couple of their style choices.
::a big NO to pink tights with little pink hearts if you are above the age of 10::
In fact, my shopping trip with Kara and Aaron has inspired my posts for thisweek. Each night I will be posting a shopping tip. So for tonight... 

Shopping Tip #1

Only buy it if you love it.
You will always like it better in the store than you will whenyou get it home. So my rule of thumb is if you are wishy washy about it in thedressing room, leave it in the dressing room. It is highly unlikely that you willsuddenly decide you love it once you get it home. I know I have stood in frontof my closet, full of clothes I once fell in love with in the dressing room,and thought “I have absolutely nothing I want to wear.” 

And since she was one of the ones who inspired this posthere is one of my favorite pictures of me and my amazing friend Kara. 

::She is also an AMAZING photographer::
Check her out here


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