March 13, 2012

Shopping Tip #2

Don’t get consumed with what is “in” for this season.

I am a total sucker for looking in fashion magazines to seewhat the new trend or colors will be for the upcoming season. And well, let’sbe honest these trends are just that, trends. If you have an endless shoppingbudget then I say go for it; buy a new wardrobe every season. But, somethingtells me you are more like me and that just isn’t doable. ::Plus I am prettysure you have to be a celebrity to pull of some trends, like this mix and matchpattern trend. Floral skirt and polka dot top, yeah I don’t think so::So hereis what I recommend stick with classic pieces in trendy colors, but only if they look good on you (more on thattomorrow). For example I bought a cute wrap dress (not going out of stylenext season) for spring from H&M in the “it” spring color of watermelon.

::Even better it was only $18:: 

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