March 14, 2012

Shopping Tip #3

Know What Colors Look Good on You

There are just some colors I know I can’t wear, whichnormally isn’t a problem since I naturally gravitate to blacks, greys, browns,and any other neutral colors. But, I am aware that I need to add a little morecolor into my wardrobe.  The key to coloris knowing what looks good with your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Thebest and easiest way for you to do this is to hold the color up to your face asyou are looking into the mirror. You can watch the way your skin tone, eyes,and hair color reflect the new color.
Or you can decide which season you are:
Hair Color: darkshades
Eye Color: Brown,Hazel or Dark Blue, Grey, or Green
Skin: Cool Blueundertones

Hair Color: Yournatural color ::if you can remember:: is a strawberry blonde to reddish brown, orflaxen
Eye Color: Blue,Aqua, or Golden Brown
Skin: Warm Yellowundertones

Hair Color: AshBlonde
Eye Color: Blueeyes are the most common but may also be Green, Grey, Hazel or Brown
Skin: Rosycoloring with Blue undertones (you burn easily)

Hair Color: Blondeto Dark Reddish Brown with Red highlights or tint
Eye Color: Usuallybrown but sometimes Hazel, Green, or Blue-Green
Skin: Dark skintones, with Golden Undertones


Here's the simple break down: If you have lighter hair you are Spring or Summer
 (Summer = brighter eyes, mostly Blue, Spring = Most Red heads and Green and Brown eyes)
If you have darker hair you are Autumn or Winter 
(Winter: Blue and Green Eyes, Autumn: usually Brown eyes)

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