March 15, 2012

Shopping Tip 4

 Dress your body

So you don’t have the perfect body, who cares neither do I;  just be sure you dress for the one you dohave. And give yourself a break when you walk into the dressing room and theoutfit that you saw on the manikin or on your girlfriend doesn’t quit fit righton you. Remember you are dressing for your body type not theirs. And I knowyour excuse to not buy any clothes right now, you want to loose some weightfirst right? But listen there are very few women that wouldn’t like to lose afew pounds, but dress the body you have NOW not the body you want to have.You will be more apt to lose the weight if you actually like your bodysomewhat.

::But enough on that back to my shopping tip::

Even though something is “in” right now doesn’t mean youhave to wear it despite the fact that it doesn’t look good on you and you feelhorrible in it. When you get dressed in the morning it should make you feelgood about yourself. You should feel confident. The more you startunderstanding what looks good on you the more you will enjoy shopping, becauseyou won’t force yourself to try on the things that don’t flatter your bodystyle.
Now, I definitely do not claim to know it all, but here area few rules I do know in dressing your body…

©      Accentuate the smallest part of you. For manywomen this is their waist. Look for tops that draw attention to this area witha belt, or some type of embellishment. Empire tops are great for this.

©      V-Necks are great for women with a shorter torsobecause it gives the illusion of elongation. They are also great if you havewider shoulders to draw the eye in.

©      If you have those good “child bearing hips” youwill look better in a pair of pants that goes straight down, like a wide leg ortrouser pant, rather than bootcut or straight leg pant.

©      If you have a straighter figure go with dressesand tops that have structure. Jackets are a great way to give you the illusion ofan hourglass shape. Another great way to do this is to belt your shirt,cardigan, etc.

©      Whenever you can, avoid horizontal strips, theyadd girth ::who wants that!:: If you like strips try vertical ones. A verticalpin strip on your dress pants can create an elongated leg.

©      If you have a small bust, look for tops withruching to add some volume.

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