March 16, 2012

Shopping Tip #5

Invest more moneyinto your "staple" items

If you are like me you have a closet full of sale and clearanceclothes. Truth is, I have a hard time buying things that that are on thepricier side, even when I'm in love with something. My rule for spending a little more on a piece of clothing, a pair ofshoes, or an accessory is to evaluate how much I will use it. For example Ihave a pair of heels from the Simply Vera Wang Kohl’s collection. I am a shoe lover and these were calling my name! They were much more than I would normally payfor a pair of heels but I justified it by saying they were black and I wouldwear them all the time. Well, I do! They are my go-to shoe and well worth EVERYpenny.

When shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories think ifthis is something you will wear or use a lot. Below are some items that you useall the time and it is worth it to get the quality items because you willprobably put some serious wear and tear on/in them.
©      Cardigans
©      Black Heels
©      A neutral color flat
©      Structured jacket
©      A purse you can use all season (you do carry itevery day)
©      Jeans
©      A go-to dress for weddings, holiday parties, etc
©      Coats

©      A great watch and pair of earrings that caneasily be paired with almost any outfit
©      A fabulous pair of boots

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