March 17, 2012

Shopping Tip #6

First, happy Saturday and HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY!

Now, shopping tip #6:

Know your GO-TO stores

When you are going shopping to shop and not just peruse,know what stores you love, are in your price range, and you can almost bank onalways having something you will love.  Forme those stores are Kohl’s, H&M, Target, Forever 21, and New York & Co. When I walk into these stores I knowthat they are in my price range, what size I wear there, and that I am guaranteedto find at least one item I love. Unfortunately I normally find waaaaaay morethan just one thing I love. But, better yet Kohls and New York & Co.literally ALWAYS have ah-mazing sales.

After you have established your go-to stores, sign up fortheir mailing lists. You will often get coupons through e-mail or postal mailon a frequent basis and you can plan your next shopping excursion accordingly.

I hope you all have enjoyed my shopping tips this week. Let me know if you have other questions or comments!!

Have a great weekend lovelies :)

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