March 25, 2012

Sunday Seven

I hope you all have enjoyed your week as much as I have. I cannot wait to share with you some
 of the fun stuff I have done this weekend....but more on that Friday

Here are my top seven pins this week

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My mom pinned this for me and I haven't tried it but it sounds easy.
Take two invisible elastic bands and separate the hair into two ponytails, one above the other, in the back of your head. Once the ponytails are secured, take sections of each ponytail and, starting at the ends, roll them toward the head, pinning them in place with bobby pins. Roll the top ponytail first, then the bottom, leaving pieces closest to the middle for last.

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I love anything I can cook in my crock pot!

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Looks yummy!

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Tis the season for home improvements, and what a great idea for easy cleanup.

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What a sweet idea

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This is so funny to me. Hope it made you laugh like it did me.

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What a great idea.

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