April 23, 2012

Generation Hope Project

This Thursday several friends of mine and I are all loading up in a van and heading to Washington D.C. {{It is only about 2 hours, or less from where I live}} We are all going to be part of an outreach ministry in connection with Joel Osteen's church called the The Generation Hope Project. This Thursday and Friday young adults from around the nation are taking off work and school to come to our nation's capitol and make a difference{{HOW COOL IS THAT!!}} I am so excited to meet some new people from all over who have a heart and passion for people and for making a difference in their lives.

During these two days young adults will be out in D.C. serving area food banks, shelters,  communtiy parks, disabled children's facility, little league fields, and schools. There is no doubt that this city is going to feel the impact of what happens when my generation is mobilized with a project they can put their hands to and their hearts behind.

I received a call from my group leader letting me know that I will be serving at an elementary school in the D.C. area. We will work on landscaping, painting, and just beautifying a school that has been neglected. I am so excited to talk to my students about this. I think it is important for them to know why I am not going to be there on Thursday and Friday. I want my students to understand that I care about people and have a heart to help not only in my community, but wherever there is a need I am able to meet.

This is an incredible cause and you can check it out {here}on Facebook.

THEN on Friday night I will be attending Joel Osteen's Night of Hope in Nationals Stadium with the others involved in the Generation Hope Project along with thousands of others. The event is now standing room only which means there are already about 50,000 people attending! How ridiculous is that!?! There is not doubt that our nations capitol will be touched by the presences of an incredible God through the hands and hearts of His people.

So so so thankful I have the opportunity to be a part of something that is so much bigger than me!

PS: There will absolutely be a post about my weekend there next week.

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