April 20, 2012

High Five For Friday


!!Happy Friday!!

So here are my high fives from what has been an exhausting week, but that is the beauty of doing this. It makes me look at all the good :)

ONE: Last weekend we had our youth, chicks sleepover at the church. It was jungled themed and we called it "Girls in the Wild," we thought Girls Gone Wild might be a little too risque. It was a ton of fun and we had over 40 girls come! There was nail polish, hair curling, dancing, games, and lots of giggles (even at 3 am). I also had the amazing opportunity to bring a message to the middle school  girls who attended the event. You can check out some of what I talked with them about here.

TWO: Two things I ordered, came in this week: my lamp for the living room and my white skinny jeans from American Eagle. (My tax return came is now in my bank account and I see that as an invitation to go shopping hehe) 

THREE: My AC has been broken for about the past month. What an ordeal that has been, but I finally got a brand new unit installed yesterday. Unfortunately, this came after the 90 degree day we had on Monday which equalled a sleepless night for me in my 85 degree house. (I like to sleep cold so I can pile on the blankets!) But, it is in now just in time for the warm weather. BRING ON SUMMER!

FOUR: A yogurt shop called Sweet Frogs just opened up in town and I took some girls from youth there Wednesday night and we had a BLAST. They are so much fun to hang out with and I get pains in my side from laughing so hard with them. 
As for Sweet Frogs if you have never been you need to find the closest one and RUN. You choose your own yogurt flavor or flavors and then you can pile on any topping imaginable.

Yes, this happened. She ate every bite and said she still wanted more!! 
PS how cute is she?!

FIVE: I am one week away from completing my Masters!!!!!! HALLELUJAH
This past week has been filled with hours upon hours in front of my computer. I have written at least two papers a night and I am still not done. But, my momma is amazing and even brought me dinner last night because she knew I wouldn't have time to make myself anything.(Aren't moms the best?!)  
The end is definitely in sight.. ahhhh *sigh*

Have an amazing weekend  lovelies<3 and remember to take time to breathe and relax.


  1. Bah, so jealous of your white skinny jeans! I ordered the same pair, but they just didn't fit. I'll never understand. I ordered them in the same cut and size as another pair I owned from there!

  2. Kara the same thing happens to me with AE jeans! Hope you have a great week :)


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