April 27, 2012

High Five for Friday


ONE: I am in D.C. today working with Generation Hope Project on beautifying a school. Soo excited to be here!! and having a blast, but definitely working hard.

Two: I got a brand new MacBook Pro and I am loving it. The sad news is I had to get it because my old computer crashed last Friday night {the week before finals} and it had EVERYTHING on it. ANNNNND I do not use jump drives because I am absent minded and always loose them. Luckily the amazing guys at Best Buy were able to recover my documents and pictures. Praise the Lord!!! I almost had a heart attack. 
{{Isn't she beautiful}}

Three: I had Sweet Frogs again this week. Yes I know, this may be becoming a problem....BUT I have an excuse. I took one of the high school youth girls :) building relationships and yummy yogurt SCORE
{{I Just adore her and the conversations we had Wednesday night}}

Four: I am DONE my Masters!!! Can you hear me singing the hallelujah chorus??
Graduation here I come! Check one more item off of my 2012 goals 

Five: Because the chaos of assignments and finals are over I was able to catchup on my favorite show, Smash. Have you seen it? I love it!

Have an awesome weekend! Check back here Monday and see how my weekend in D.C. went :)


  1. I also have a little Sweet Frog addiction. Its ok, we could do worse things....that is what I tell myself?

  2. You're going to LOVE your new Mac! Happy Friday! xoxo


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