April 7, 2012

Simple ways to Keep the House Tidy

Ever had that moment when an unexpected visitor pops by and you are thinking about how you can avoid letting them come in your house because it looks like a small tornado came through? Yeah, I think we all have.

Life for most people is busy and keeping the house tidy can be quite the time consuming task.
I grew up in a home where everything was always spotless and in its place. My mom is a wonderful housekeeper. I cannot say that I am as great at it as she is, but I have learned simple things to do to keep what  can be an overwhelming task simple and manageable.

In the mornings I wake up just 5-10 minutes early and try to make sure these things are done to help keep things tidy.

1) Put all of my hair and makeup items away
2) Wipe down the counters with the towel I used that morning
3) Make sure that all of the clothes I decided not to wear that day are hung up or neatly put back in their place
4) Put my dirty laundry in with the dirty laundry
5) Unload or put away the clean dishes
6) If I need to, throw sheets or towels in the washer as soon as I wake up and have them washing while I’m getting ready. Then, when I come home I can throw them in the dryer

Before I go to bed I take a few minutes and make sure…

1) I load the dishwasher or wash the dirty dishes from the day
2) Take the shoes that have accumulated by the door throughout the day to the bedroom or put them in the closet
3) Wipe down the kitchen counter tops
4) Put items back where they belong (don’t let days of accumulation happen, that is when the task of tidying up becomes daunting)
5) Check the weather and plan my outfit for the next day(this will eliminate the need for task 3 in the mornings and give me an extraminute or two!)

Hope this helps. These are just simple things, but help inkeeping your house looking nice in case that unexpected visitor pops by.

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  1. Those are all very good habits to help maintain order. I am the same way - I get more done in early morning than any other time. I can not leave a single spoon in the sink so my kitchen stays clean and thankfully, my hubs is the same way. It helps that I am married to a clean freak like myself, too. :-)

  2. You're so lucky your husband is a neat freak! Maybe I should add that too the prayer list: a husband who cooks, cleans, does laundry, and is a neat freak too! PERFECT haha

  3. These are great suggestions and ones I need to follow!!


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