April 2, 2012

Sunday (Monday) Seven

So sorry I did not get my Sunday Seven up yesterday, but I left right after church to head to the beautiful Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland for my friends birthday. It was a perfect day to walk around the harbor....AND we ate at the Cheesecake Factory! YUM

Anyways on to my top seven pins from Pinterest 

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I find this to be incredibly powerful and a great reminder.

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How smart is that for a watering can?!

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The caption on this pictures says: 
"They're still beautiful, and so are all the little girls fighting cancer. ♥"
It just steals my heart!

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Click the link and enter your zip code. The website will provide you a calendar that will tell you what to plant and when to plant it, week-by-week.

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Rather than doing it all at once I like the idea of monthly tasks.

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Oh wait, that is mine :) 
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