May 31, 2012

Current Crush: Bella Grace

Okay it is really way more than a crush...I am totally in love with my new little fur ball!
Look....seriously how can you not be?!

My sunbathing beauty

That was after...
...she decided to checkout the pool

And of corse she has a high heel chew toy!

If you are new to My Life in High Heels, I just got Bella Grace "Gracie" last Friday and you can find out more about that here.

Today we have our first vet appointment....fingers crossed everything goes well :)

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  1. I can totally see why you're crushing on Bella Grace! What a cutie!! I love her little high heel chew toy!

    Found you through the blog hop =)

  2. Hi, I am stopping by via the link up at Framed Frosting! Bella Grace is too cute!

  3. Grace is adorable! I've always wanted a puppy!

  4. She's so cute! I'm loving my puppy too. I've always loved Shi tzus :)

  5. What an adorable little puppy! I would be crushing on her if she were mine too! Just wanted to say hello. Hope you will come check out my blog if you have a moment! Nice meeting you! :)

  6. Awww what a little cutie :D Linking up via framed frosting

    Jenni x

  7. She is just too adorable! And I love her name! I've never had a dog in my life but seeing cute dog pictures always makes me want one!

  8. OHMYGOSH so cute. I have a crush on her jealous! Thanks for linking up :)

  9. oh my goddddddddddddddd so freakin cute!!

  10. What a sweet puppy! Love the after the pool pic! Wet puppies are seriously so funny! Good luck at the vet! I'm sure it will go great!

  11. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments about Gracie! She's so sweet and was a rock star at the vet. Never flinched with all the shots and vaccinations!


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