May 9, 2012

Encouraging Thoughts

I've always been a sucker for quotes or cute little sayings. Today I thought I would give you some of my favorite encouraging thoughts from Joel and Victoria's Night of Hope. 


- The enemy fights the hardest against you when you are closest to your victory.

- Your current circumstance isn't a surprise to God and He is still the Great I AM.

- All of your days are written in God's book and the best days and chapters are still ahead. Your story ends in victory, don't stop turning the page.

- God directs the winds of our storms to move us where he has destined for us to be. If the storm was going to stop God's plan He NEVER would have allowed it.

- Call out the seeds of greatness in one another.

- You are not powerful enough to stop God's plan. No circumstance or poor choice can stop God's plan.

- When God has placed a blessing inside of you it doesn't matter what others say, believe, or speak over you, the blessing will come.

- The enemy doesn't fight against you for where you are now, but where he sees you are going.

- For every setback God has already planned a comeback!

I hope you feel as encouraged and inspired as I do just typing these.

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