May 4, 2012

High Five for Friday

I am linking up with Lauren again to share my 5 highlights from this week.

ONE: Two awesome people got married on Saturday and the best part...they had a photo booth. So fun! Totally something I want at my wedding.

TWO: As you may have seen, I was part of the Generation Hope Project last weekend and served in D.C. through a mission project sort of thing with hundreds of other young adults. It was tons of fun and ended with the Night of Hope in National's Stadium.
 {{Some of my friends and I at Amidon Elementary where we fixed up their playground and lawn with the Gen Hope Project}}

{{Night of Hope}}

THREE: My kindergarteners had their spring concert. Awww I was such a proud teacher!!

FOUR: I got to hang out with these awesome chicks Wednesday night and didn't stop smiling the entire time they were here!

FIVE: Now that classes are finally over I went back to the word OUCH!

Happy Weekend Lovelies!

Also, don't forget about the Mother's Day Tribute . E-mail me a picture of your momma with a short description of why she is amazing or a great memory you share. I will be posting all of the pictures and tributes next Sunday on Mother's Day. Send them to by Friday May 11th.


  1. Ahh, I love little kid concerts! Sounds like you had a great week - enjoy the weekend! :)

  2. Those photo booths are so fun! I wish I would have had one at my wedding. Oh well, I guess!
    Your kindergarteners are adorable!!

    Found you through High Five For Friday!
    Every Day is a New Adventure


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