May 22, 2012

I Went, I Saw...and I am more in Love than EVER

As you may have seen in my High Five For Friday post, Sunday I went to a Lady Antebellum concert. Lady A is my favorite band and they didn't disappoint! Three of my friends and I drove up to Columbia , MD (like an hour and a half away) to see the concert. We had lawn seats, which even though you are not super close to the stage, or in our case not even visible, I think they are the best seats. I have always had the most fun in the lawn seats because you are just able to spread your blanket out and relax and not be on top of people. Thompson Square and Darius Rucker opened for them.  Darius Rucker even played some Hoodie songs :) LadyA opened up with the song "We Owned the Night"  and finished with "Need You Now." I forgot how many singles they have already had because they couldn't even play them all in one set. But, they played a great concert and like I said in my posts' title I love them even more now! Concerts have a way of doing that...making you love your favorite bands that much more. There were over 15,000 people there. It was crazy. Here are a few pictures from the night...

Nothing beats summer time, country music, and amazing friends!

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