May 26, 2012


Bella Grace 

You may have read my HF4F post yesterday where I told you that I am the mommy of a new puppy name Gracie. She is a 12 week old shih tzu. She is doing so well adjusting to her new home.
She even met my parents dog, Pal, and he was much more intimidated by this bouncy little fur ball than she was of him!

When I went to look at puppies on Thursday there were several and Gracie was the first one I picked up and started petting. When I put her down she crawled up in my lap and never left. Even as I was picking up the other puppies she just sat in my lap wagging her tail. She stole my heart even before I brought her home. But she is now oh so spoiled and follows me around everywhere. I love it! 

I think it is safe to say I am completely attached and in love! I am sure you will be seeing a lot more of Bella Grace on My Life in High Heels!

Oh and look what I made for her...
 I will do a how-to blog on that is so easy promise!

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