May 8, 2012

It's Wedding Season...Now what do I wear?

If you are like me this is the first question you ask yourself when pulling the monogram stickered creme colored envelope out of the mailbox.

Well hopefully these tips will make the decision process a little easier. 

The first question I always wonder is how dressy do I go?
The best indicator in answering this question is the time of day the wedding will be held.

If it is a daytime summer wedding: 
You should ALWAYS look put together for a wedding, but it is probably not necessary to break out the floor length gown. Here is what I suggest.
For Her: 
- try summer dress, maybe something floral
 (if it's outside nothing too flowy that the wind may catch)
- a skirt paired with a satin or silk top and cardigan depending on the temperature
- a maxi dress

From H&M and each piece is only $17.95

For Him: 
(Because let's be honest your are picking out outfits for two most of the time)
- Slacks, a colored shirt and tie are appropriate
- A tan suit 

If the wedding is in the evening:
As a general rule, evening weddings are normally more formal than daytime weddings. However, you still should keep your floor length gown in the closet unless "Black-Tie" is specified on the invitation. My suggestions for an evening wedding...
For Her:
My number one suggestion would be a cocktail dress, but nothing with too many beads, sequins or rhinestones.

 I love this dress from Victoria's Secret. It is the same dress and it can be worn in 8 different way! I have it in two colors. 

For Him: 
A dark colored suit

Some Do's and Dont's when picking out your outfit for the wedding:

- DON"T WEAR WHITE!!! Enough said (to me this should be a no brainer, but sadly I don't think it is anymore)
- Keep it appropriate. A wedding is not the time to pull out the the dress that shows just how long your legs are, or the lowest cut dress in your closet :) A low-cut back on a dress is sexy yet still very classy!
- If in doubt always dress up. It is more embarrassing to be under dressed than over dressed.
- Be mindful of where the event is being held. This often will give you insight on how dressy to go as well as what may or may not be appropriate.

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