May 27, 2012

Sunday Seven

Welcome back for another week of Sunday Seven. 
Here's what's going on on my pin boards this week.

{Pinned Here}
I like the idea!

{Pinned Here}
Heck yes! So hott

{Pinned Here}
I know this girl is so stunning she would probably still look gorge with a mullet, but this hair is the PERFECT summer do.

{Pinned Here}
WOO SEXY. They say to take this picture after the wedding....and by the looks of it this should be the last picture they take before they go to their room! But I like it.

{Pinned Here}
Throughout the year you write down memories that make you smile and open it on New Year's Eve and remember all of the good times throughout the year. (I am starting this today)

{Pinned Here}
A how-to for a cupcake bouquet.

Last but not least, the shoe pin....
Hey I can't help it I have an obsession :)

{Pinned Here}

Enjoy the long weekend! I hope you are poolside somewhere.

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