June 14, 2012

Current Crush: Stackable Bracelets

As you may have seen in previous pictures I have posted, I love bracelets and I am totally crushing on the stackable bracelet trend. 

the bracelets I am loving can be found at these places:

Gold and Pearl Stackable {:Top Right:}
Pink and Gold Stackable {:Middle Right:}
Silver and Pink Stackable with Bow {:Bottom Right:}
Black and Silver {:Bottom Left;}
Bohemian Stackable {:Middle Left:}

I am thinking this post may costs me some money because I may have to buy a couple of these!
I cannot stop looking at them

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  1. Bracelets are my favorite. Especially stackable ones. Love them all!

  2. I'm crushing with you on those bracelets!! Esp. the pink and gold!! LOVE!

  3. Cute bracelets! I have a hard time keeping them on all day but I love them! http://somethingbroughtyouhere.blogspot.com/

  4. Those pearls are precious. I can see the dollar signs adding up $$$ :)


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