June 12, 2012

Getting Crafty: Decorating Porcelain

One of my newest endeavors in craft projects is decorating/writing on porcelain. Maybe it is in my blood, my Mawmaw used to make and paint ceramics. 
This is an easy and fun DIY project that is relatively inexpensive.
{:I LOVE that word inexpensive:}

What you will need:
- Whatever it is you want to write on 
{:I found that great places to find bowls/mugs/plates/platters the cheapest are places like Target and TJ Max:}
- A pen made to write on porcelain {:I got mine at Michael's for around $4:}
- Stencils {:I purchased mine at Michael's but stencils are optional:}

 Step 1: gather all your supplies 
{:I am a visual person so I thought it may help to see what you will need:}
Step 2: attach your stencil to your project with tape to ensure it does not move, use your porcelain pen to fill in the stencil. Then I freehanded the rest of my dog's name.
Step 3: bake your pro get at 170 degrees for 40 minutes and viola!
And guess what?! It is dishwasher safe!
Perfect: beautiful, simple, and practical!

I did this for my friends birthday present and for my mom for Mother's Day.

 If you have any questions, as always just let me know :)

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