June 4, 2012

Miss USA-In my Opinion

Being a former pageant girl, you know I had an hourly countdown until Miss USA came on last night.
I competed in the Miss America system, but none the less I watch any pageant that is televised.

I thought I would give my thoughts on the pageant last night...

I LOVED the idea of doing a fashion show as the opener/parade of contestants! 
So cool and I loved the different collections by Sheri Hill.
The only thing I didn't like was it was so so fast it was hard to form an opinion of the girls.
This was the "rock" collection by Sheri Hill.

The hosts for the evening were Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic which I thought did a great job (minus the 20 years they took to announce the winner, which I understand was an attempt to eat time but still ). 
I just love Giuliana!

As far as the judges panel, I don't really have much of an opinion on them other than Rob Kardashian's comment saying the girls have too much hair and makeup hahaha (does he remember Kim is his sister? just saying)

I was a hug fan of Miss WV, not just because I am a WV girl but because one she is from my hometown, two she is a teacher, and third an absolute SWEETHEART. I mean obviously she is ridiculously gorg, but she is so so sweet!

see what I mean?
She was also 1st runner up in Miss WV America this year.

My other favorites were...

Miss Rhode Island

Miss Georgia

and I really loved Miss Oklahoma (I thought she stood out)

Making the top 16 were: TN, AL, OH, MI, MD, NJ, TX, CO, LA, ME, GA, SC, RI, NV, AR

Once the top 16 were named they competed in swimsuit.

Swimsuit: I was very impressed with the girls this year. They looked awesome and not sickly! 
I mean I think I would be okay if I looked like this by the pool this summer.

After the swimsuit competition the 16 were cut to 10: AL, OK, OH, GA, TX, CO, NJ, MD, RI, NV

I was pretty much in agreement with the top 10, I thought those girls were standouts in swimsuit. I did like Michigan though....I was a little shocked with that one.

The top 10 then competed in evening gown.

Evening Gown: I wasn't overly impressed with the evening gowns but I did love Miss Alabama's. I thought it was stunning!
I didn't LOVE Oklahoma's dress, but I thought it looked great on her with her hair color. She definitely rocked it well.

The more I look at Miss Ohio's dress the more I like it. Just maybe in a different color. It is very red carpet.

After evening gown the 10 were cut to 5: OH, MD, RI, NV, GA

The only one I was sad to see left out was Oklahoma. At this point my favorites were now Georgia and Rhode Island.

It was finally time for the nerve-racking (trust me it is terrible) on-stage question.

Georgia was the first to receive her question on the banning of sugary drinks.
I thought it was a dumb question! and her answer was just okay, but how much can you say about such a dumb question?

Miss Nevada received a question about the astounding statistic that 7 out of 11 Miss USA contestants could not answer who the current vice president OF OUR COUNTRY is! HELLO, every single one of my kindergarten students (5 and 6 year olds) could tell you that.
Her answer was that it had been a long day and they were exhausted, but in my opinion there is no excuse!
(I wasn't a huge fan of Miss NV, she looked arrogant to me, but who am I to judge? She could be an absolute sweetheart and funny as could be)

Miss Rhode Island had BY FAR the most difficult question of the night. She received the Twitter fan question about whether a transgender contestant should be allowed to compete in the Miss USA/Universe pageant. This was a very difficult and loaded question! (If you aren't aware Miss Canada was transgender, but her title was stripped) She answered the question by saying that times are changing and the way we approach beauty is changing so she does agree with the participation of transgender contestants. Her answer was very PC. Although I do not agree with her answer, she answered the question well.
After answering her on-stage question I was dead set on wanting RI to win.

The next question went to Miss Maryland. She received a question about Toddlers and Tiaras and the negative attention and stereotyping it gives pageants. She answered by saying she was educated and beautiful as were the other 50 women she shared the stage with and it is not an accurate portrayal of pageants. I didn't think she did so well answering the question but I thought it was another dumb question. 

The final question of the night went to Miss Ohio. She was asked if she believed women were portrayed positively or negatively in the media. Her answer was good it just sounded very "pageanty" to me.I kept waiting for the bell to ding saying her 30seconds was over.

After the final question it was time for the results...

The results:
4th Runner-Up: Miss Georgia-I thought she would be higher, and by her face, so did she.
3rd Runner-Up: Miss Nevada
2nd Runner Up: Miss Ohio

1st Runner-Up: Miss Maryland

MISS USA 2012: 20 year old Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo
WOOHOO I loved her. She seemed fun, sweet, and she was B-E-A-UTIFUL!
Very happy with the winner. I think she will be wonderful.

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