June 8, 2012

Overcome baby OVERCOME

I have been meditating on this verse for several days now.
It is CrAzY powerful! 
{:one of my favorites and one that I have found very useful in many situations:}

Life tends to throw us some, well interruptions. You know what I mean...the graduate school you were banking on attending didn't accept you, the guy you've been dating since you were 15 suddenly decides he's not really "in love" with you any more, one of your kids suddenly got sick and you can't go on that vacation you have been looking forward to for months, or the dreams and desires God placed in your heart are taking a little more time and work than you first anticipated when you signed up to follow Gods plan for you.

But in the middle of your "interruption" remember that whatever life throws at you, you can walk in and through it with CONFIDENCE knowing that your God has already overcome. You may be fighting the battle but God is already panning the victory party.

Overcome baby OVERCOME


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