June 3, 2012

Sunday Seven 7/3

Can you believe it is June already? Time always flies once you hit Memorial Day; before you know it, it will be the 4th of Julythen Christmas! Oh no wait lets pretend I didn't say type that!

Anywho, here are my pins from the last week of May and the 1st week of JUNE

 {Pinned Here}
Elegance, I want to do this on my curtains in my black and white room
(Typing this reminds me that I have never given you a tour of my house. That just may be an upcoming post...after I clean of corse)

{Pinned Here}
Great idea for all my early childhood teachers

{Pinned Here}
This is so so cool and even comes with a how-to tutorial on the blog site.

{Pinned Here}
I am thinking this may be my next DIY project.

{Pinned Here}
It is an app your wedding/party guests download for free and upload the pictures they take from the event to an album so you can have them all!

{Pinned Here}
A website with great color schemes for my nonexistent wedding. :)

{Pinned Here}
Casual Chic
Great outfit idea and I think I already have all the pieces in my closet....love

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