June 20, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday 7/20

Is it Wednesday again? I was getting ready for this post and realized I better get ready today (Tuesday) and wear something cute because I didn't get out of my gym shorts much this week...but I did get to get on my bathing suit several times. So I am not quite as pasty as before and my legs won't blind you!
{:You're Welcome:}

Outfit One:
I wore this to run errands with my mom this week. It is light weight and comfy, which is great because it is HOT this week. 
The entire outfit is less than $40 and I wear all of the pieces with other things too! SCORE 
Black Under Tank: Target $8
Oversized T-Shirt: Aerie $10
Skirt: H&M $5
Sandals: Target $15

 Outfit Two:
I wore this when we went out to eat for Father's Day {:Outback, yummy:}
I wore a different outfit to church that morning but I got to take my mom with me {:for the first time since her accident WOOHOO:} so I didn't have time to take pictures...but another Wednesday.
Wrap Around Floral Shirt: Kohls
Capris: Kohls Simply Vera Wang
Wedges: Kohls Candies
Bracelet: Charolette Russe
Earrings: Guess

pleated poppy

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