July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

I have always loved the 4th of July, for a lot of reasons. For one it has sentimental value to me but because this day has always been about summertime fun. When I think about the 4th every year I think about being poolside with my friends and family, cookouts in the ridiculous heart, everyone wearing terrible combinations of red, white and blue that is somehow allowed on this day. I think about flags waving proudly in yards, and OF CORSE fireworks. 

Every year I try to soak in as many firework displays as I can. This year some friends and I are going to bear the 100 degree heat and head into Baltimore for the day and the fireworks over the Inner Harbor tonight. {:Thats' the picture above:} I've seen them on New Years and they were breathtaking so it's pretty safe to say that I am excited....

Now the big question....what do you wear when you are going to be outside in 100 degree heat, but still want to look cute? Hmmm...

Happy 4th of July!!!


  1. Any excuse to dress up, right. I'm sure it was a great display. Hope you had fun!

    1. Thanks! My day was awesome; I hope yours was too!!


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