July 6, 2012

High Five for Friday 7/6

It seems like it has been forever since I last did a HFFF posts. 
But, I am back this week and I love sharing the great parts of my week with anyone who will listen...

ONE: Some friends and I traveled to the Baltimore Inner Harbor on Wednesday for the 4th of July Fireworks. Even though it was 100 degrees we all had a blast. We went shopping, had dinner, and went to Ripley's Believe it or Not {:So So Fun:}
 The boys at Bubba Gumps


Us at the fireworks {:Good thing you can't see al the sweat!:}

TWO: I ate this, this week...I know it's probably not too hard to believe but it was AH-MAZING

THREE: I got to spend time with one of my besties on Tuesday. We went wedding dress shopping  AND she asked me to be in her wedding with this cute little video...Such a cool idea!

FOUR: I am leaving for our youth summer camp on Monday and it is always one of my favorite weeks of the year. A week filled with white water rafting, zip lining, awesome music, encouraging messages, campfire chats, Jesus, and of corse insanity! :)

FIVE: I had dinner with this girl Tuesday night. Love her, her heart and wow does she have some insane wisdom! So thankful for her...And hello, she is gorgeous!



  1. Ah! I'm headed off to youth camp on Wednesday! Looking forward to it and will say a prayer yours goes well! Found you through H54F! :)

  2. Oh my goodness what IS that dessert? It looks absolutely delicious! And I feel you on the 100 degree weather on the fourth! It was blazing but on the fifth it rained like crazy here which was SO nice. Also, you are stunningly beautiful. Seriously. Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you! I'm excited to follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. You're so so sweet! It was strawberry shortcake from Bubba Gumps! Thanks for the follow...I will definitely be checking out your blog ASAP


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