July 31, 2012

House Tour: Kitchen

The house tour continues
Now, moving into the next room in my house-the kitchen.

My momma generously gave me the table and chairs as well as the oak hutch.

Place Mats, Napkins, Napkin Rings: Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Centerpiece: JC Penny

My dad gave me the little black coffee grinder. It was his mom's, my grandmothers, and it one of the most vivid memories I have with her. She would always let me sit at the kitchen table and grind coffee grounds each morning when we went to visit her in Sacramento, CA.

The cookbook is also hers on the bottom shelf which I love! It even has papers in it with her handwritting.

Plate and Stand (on top of hutch): Hobby Lobby
Ivy: Hobby Lobby

Looking at these pictures makes me realize I need something over my cabinets...any suggestions?

I love my cute picture of a European cafe.

Picture: Hobby Lobby 

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