July 27, 2012

House Tour: Living Room

I have been wanting to show you my house now for months. I have just never actually gotten around to taking pictures of my house and doing it. Sorry

Not every room is finished {:even after living here for 2 years:}, but the rest of the rooms are getting painted soon so I will show you those rooms when they are done too!

For today, I will show you the living room.

If you walked in to my home this would be your first view

Looking to your right...

Couch and Ottoman: Ashley
Burgundy Pillows: Kirklands
Faith, Hope, Love Pictures: Kirklands
Lamp: Macys
Curtains: TJ Max
Initial Pillows: Hobby Lobby
End Table: refinished piece of furniture from my parents

Love this ottoman! It is great for hidden storage

Clock: Bed Bath & Beyond
Sconces: JC Penny
Burgundy Jar {:on left:}: Ross
Palm Tree: Hobby Lobby
TV Stand: Sam's Club

Hope you enjoyed your tour....stay tuned for the kitchen next!

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  1. I love the monogrammed pillows and that ottoman is amazing! That looks like one big comfy living room :)


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