July 21, 2012

My Shoe Obsession

My dad has never quite understood my shoe obsession, but really not many men can.
 {:Especially a man who's only two pairs of shoes are cowboy boots and sneakers:}
Often times when I go shopping and excitedly show my dad my newest shoe purchase I often get a comment like "don't you already have red shoes?" To which my answer is normally something along the lines of:  "yes, but those are flats and these are heels." Then this is followed with his normal look as if to say "thats ridiculous you have way too many pairs of shoes." 

Anyway, I told you that to tell you this...

So, like most Saturday nights, tonight I was trying on my outfit for church tomorrow. And as many of you girls can relate, I needed a full length mirror to check out my dress with the shoes to get the whole look. I'm still staying at my parents house, to help take care of my momma, and the only place there is a full length mirror is in my parents bathroom. Therefore I marched into my parents bedroom and headed into the bathroom and back out four times tonight. Each time i was trying on a different pair of BLACK shoes. One pair of black sandals, one pair of black flip flops, one pair of black heels, and one pair of black wedges. I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I passed my dad on each trip to the mirror with a different pair of black shoes. 

There are somethings I guess men will never understand :)


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