August 18, 2012

Coffee Date?

I am using this blog as a chance to take a break from life for a moment. So let's go off to our imaginary coffee shop, sip some soy carmel macchiatos, nibble on some yummy chocolates, and chat. 
Is that okay with you? 

So this is the part where I ask how have you been and how are you doing. And I am willing to bet that your answer is good, but busy. It seems everyone is in a busy season right now with school starting back up and a to-do list that is almost never ending. 

I would of corse agree. Life is wonderful, but it seems to come at me non-stop, and since we are girlfriends on a coffee shop date I can admit to you that I have broken down twice within the past two weeks with the crocodile tears of feeling overwhelmed.

I am officially back at work this week preparing for 21 new kindergartners who come bright and early Monday morning. All while I am also trying to tie up the loose ends for a women's event for 400 women that I am helping to organize.

Now both of these things are absolute PRIVILEGES and I know this and cherish the opportunity to both teach 21 impressionable five year olds, and help to create an atmosphere that refresh women and brings them into God's presence. But I have learned that just because I love doing it all doesn't make it easy. Because I am so busy,my house is dusty, my dog is lonely, my refrigerator is empty and I barely have enough energy at the end of the day to walk down my VERY short driveway and check the mail. {:I am already sensing your head no of agreement:}

But during a breakdown moment and sending a text that should have just read "poor me" I got a response that has totally changed my attitude. Can I share it with you?

It said...
"I feel like God wants me to tell you 'rise up lioness' there's a reason you're in the position you're in. You're called to big things and this is just a test to see if you can handle it. Faithful in the little, and God will make you ruler over much. He gives us grace for the season we're in and you just need to rely on Him and press into Him."

I actually don't think that text was just for me, I think I was meant to share it with you on our coffee date to remind you to "rise up" and flourish in the season you are in. Even if it's crazy and chaotic there is always purpose and He will always give you the grace needed to not just make it through the season but to thrive in and through it.

Okay, I suppose it is time to return to real life.

But, did you enjoy our coffee date? I hope so because I sure did. We might have to do this again!

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