September 1, 2012

Bring on the Pigskins

Today is the day that a little piece of me that has laid dormant since January comes alive again.
It's college football 


 My heart beats a little faster, I get all nervous, and excited, and LOUD.

There is nothing that gets my blood pumping and adrenaline going like my Alabama Crimson Tide. 

They are the reining BCS National Champions...and no I am not a bandwagon fan I have pictures of me wearing an Alabama cheerleading outfit when I was 2. 
{:My family is from Alabama:}

This football season means everything in our family. It is bragging rights for the next year. Half of my family are Auburn fans {:that other football school in Bama:} and the other half of us are die hard Alabama football fans. In the past three years Alabama has won 2 BCS National Championships and Auburn has won the other so you can probably only imagine where our Christmas dinner conversation goes. It gets ugly.

But anyways back to the excitement...

Just reading and seeing this makes me get all jittery!

The big opening game tonight against Michigan

Today I will be sporting the maroon and white all day.
OHHHH goody only 9 hours until kickoff


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