October 5, 2012

Favorites Friday

Since it is Friday I thought I would share some of my newest favorite things....

These two songs have literally been on repeat since this past weekend.
If you are as much of a sucker for love songs as I am you will def want to listen to them.

"Changed by You" Between the Trees
"Turning Page" Sleeping At Last
{:As much as I dislike the Twilight movies this song is amaze-balls:}

I went to Kohl's to take back some things and ended up not being able to pass up these great pair of Simply Vera Wang red jeans...now one of my favorite things :)

One of my absolute favorite things in my home is this coffee grinder. 
It was my grandmothers.  I remember visiting her when I was little in California and one of my best memories is sitting in her kitchen and grinding coffee beans with her every morning.
My dad surprised me and repainted it for me to keep in my house.

Another one of my favorite things is the passion of over 100 young people in a room every Wednesday night at my church in our brand new youth theatre.

What are some of your current favorite things?!

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