October 28, 2012

Sunday Seven 10/28

{:Sorry about the delay...my Sunday Seven never posted and I thought it had...:}

It's Sunday morning and the rain is coming down from the hurricane that is coming in from the south. 
The weather men say that it is the "perfect storm" where three storms {:one from the north, west, and south:} meet right over us....mmmm doesn't sound so perfect to me, just saying.
But, if you are suck inside listening to the pouring rain this today then what better to do than to look at some fab pins from Pinterest?

I have always adored people with super shiny hair and being in pageants girls always seemed to have shiny hair but paid some ridiculous price for the product that made it this way but yesterday I found this pin...
{:Pinned Here:}
It says 5 parts sea salt and 4 parts your favorite shampoo!
If you've tried it let me know how it works. I am curious 1-if it works and 2- does it weight your hair down and cause it to lose all volume?

I am always looking for long shirts I can wear with leggings and ankle booties or my Uggs and I found this
{:Pinned Here:}
From Victoria's Secret
Hey mom, you know my birthday and Christmas are coming up right?!

Loving Gwyneth in her all gray
{:Pinned Here:}
She just looks oober classy doesn't she?

No, I don't have any babies yet, but a girl can still plan her babies wardrobe right?
{:Pinned Here:}
They are from Old Navy too so they have to be affordable!

Okay, now this looks like the best game ever. There is no way you could watch this and still be in a bad, sad, mad mood! Just looking at the picture makes me giggle.
{:Pinned Here:}
You have to shake the pingpong balls out!!
Family, I am bringing the stuff to play this on Christmas Eve!

Who says you have to be under a year to wear "booties"?

{:Pinned Here:}
The shoe itself is awesome and the color is so versatile. I'll also take a pair of this ladies legs too please!

I saw these and fell in love...
{:Pinned Here:}
These shoes even make her unpainted toes look fab!

Happy rainy Sunday :)

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