October 16, 2012

Wake up your P E R S P E C T I V E


During my quiet time the other day I was reading in John 11.
John 11 is a story some of you may be familiar with. Lazarus, brother of Mary and Martha, and close friend of Jesus has died. When Jesus heard of this news he didn't immediately go to his dead friend Lazarus or even go to comfort Martha and Mary. When he did decide to go to them, two days later, he told his disciples "Lazarus has fallen asleep, I'm going to wake him up."
{:John 11:11:}

Um...excuse me Jesus, I think you misheard the messenger. Lazarus isn't sleeping, he is DEAD 

But that is the funny thing, Jesus often does not share in our limited, black or white perspective. By any human's standards Lazarus was dead but by Jesus' standards he was simply sleeping.

Jesus saw him as only sleeping because he knew Lazarus' current condition wasn't permanent. Jesus knew he had the ability and power to change the situation.

The same power that rose Christ from the dead lives in you and it lives in me. {:Romans 8:11:}That means as Christians, Christ followers,  we hold the same ability and power to see situations differently. Not only to see them differently but to walk into these situations with a fearless confidence knowing that we too hold the ability and power to change things. We have the ability to defeat the dark "graves" of peoples lives and in our own lives. 

Jesus walked into this situation with confidence because he knew He was the answer. We need to walk into situations the same way: with confidence because WE carry the answer to every problem on the planet within us. Jesus

Do people like Mary and Martha, who are in a tough spot or time, come running for us because they recognizes our ability to see beyond the natural? To bring a fresh perspective?

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