November 29, 2012

November Thankfulness Week 3 1/2

I am a day behind, but yesterday was not a great day for me...but here is the last week and a half of just a few of the things I am thankful for.

#15 I am thankful that it is time for NON STOP Christmas music and Christmas decorations!

#16 Thankful for morning when I get to casually sip my coffee and read as many blogs as I care to

#17 I brought my first dish to a family meal! So I am thankful my family trusted my cooking skills enough to let me bring a holiday favorite.

#18 Thankful that I still have young enough people in my life that can teach me the dance moves to all the "cool" songs like Gangnam Style....*heeeeeey sexy lady*

#19 Thankful for the first Thanksgiving ever served in my own home!
{:Cooking with Josh and his mom:}

#20 Thankful that even when I can't feel Him I know He is with me

#21 Thankful for my girl friends. The kind that I can talk to about absolutely anything. The ones who I can go weeks without talking to and pick up with them like we hung out yesterday!

#23 Thankful for an AMAZING thanksgiving Friday.

#24 Thankful that I get to spend my birthday with my family from out of town this year!

#25 Thankful that my house is super clean at the moment!

#26 Thankful that my Gracie girl has been very cuddly lately.

#27 Thankful for who ever thought of Cyber Monday! All the Black Friday Deals and none of the CRAZY people or lines....DONE

#28 Thankful for my co-wrkers. The two girls on my kindergarten team are fun people and excellent people to brain storm ideas with.

#29 Thankful for so many memories I have with my momma and that I get to share some more with her this year.
{:Mom Monday night at her birthday dinner:}
#30 Thankful to be adding another member to the family. My cousin Lacy is engaged!

{:Lacy (left) and I:}

November is over tomorrow but I am still determined to have a thankful spirit long past November.

November 25, 2012

Sunday Seven 11/25

How are ya? Have you recovered from all of the turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie? I think I am somewhere in the middle. I had a big Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday and then on Friday Josh's parents came over and we had Thanksgiving with them.

So while you are nursing your food/shopping hangover, grab a cup of coffee, and take a look at my Sunday Seven for the week.

{:Pinned Here:}
I am really wanting a pair of leather pants for my birthday or Christmas.

{:Pinned Here:}
Make videos of yearly interviews with your kids. What is your name? What do you want to be when you grow up? Where does daddy work? What does mommy do? etc.

{:Pinned Here:}
As long as we are on the baby cute is this outfit?!

{:Pinned Here:}
Tutorial of how to make your own wooden signs. Good to know.

{:Pinned Here:}

{:Pinned Here:}
Loving this braid...the site gives you step-by-step instructions too.

{:Pinned Here:}
If you're like me, I hold all of my stress in my neck and shoulders. This pin shows stretches to help those two areas.

Since I dropped the ball last week and didn't post a Sunday Seven, how about a few more pins?

{:Pinned Here:}
Great for those holiday parties coming up. Cute clutch too. 
I need a great clutch

{:Pinned Here:}
Great holiday decor idea.

{:Pinned Here:}

{:Pinned Here:}

Happy Sunday y'all!

November 23, 2012

Half Up Do Tutorial

A video tutorial on how to do the hairstyle I pinned of Sunday Seven a few weeks ago.
{:Sorry for the selfie, I had no one to take a picture for me:}

Before styling I dried my hair upside down and curled it.
{:I linked up the video of how I curl my hair in case you are wondering.:}


November 21, 2012

November Thankfulness Week 3

You probably thought that since I didn't post my Sunday Seven this week that I wouldn't post my November Thankfulness didn't you? No worries! I couldn't let my readers down twice in one week! Well I honestly don't even know how I got so busy that I forgot to put together my Sunday Seven, but that means next weeks will just be extra good. So here is what I am thankful for this week...

15- Thankful for family that travels up to West Virginia from Alabama to spend holidays with us. My aunt and uncle just got in town yesterday for Thanksgiving. And BONUS, she is a superb cook!

{:Them and two of their grandchildren:}

16- I am thankful for the Stanford and Baylor football teams successfully beating Oregon and Kansas State;t therefore, putting Alabama at number 2 and setting them up for a BCS National Championship game!! ROLL TIDE!

17- Thankful for the absolute best class a teacher could ask for. Seriously, I do not have even one behavior problem....any teacher knows that is unheard of! I am not going to want to let the go come May.

18- As much as I love those kiddos, I am thankful for a short work week this week and some time off.

19- Thankful that when I think about every single one of my friends I can't help but think how happy they are in life. Life definitely seems to be blooming all around and seeing them so happy, I cannot help but smile just thinking about it. {:Guess I better start budgeting for all those wedding/baby shower gifts:}

20- Thankful that glitter and sparkles are in style! They are my favorite and I will be so sad and unfashionable when they go out of style. 

21- Thankful for the nights where I get to have my friends and family over to the house and just spend time with them!

I love bringing so much intentionality to the things I am thankful for so thanks for reading them. I hope it inspires you to find the things you are thankful for in this day.

November 14, 2012

November Thankfulness-Week 2

Continuing with all the things I am thankful for this week. Pondering on the things you are thankful for just makes you in a better mood. It has a way of positioning you with a thankful heart toward God and changing your outlook on the things going on in your world. I've decided to take all of the things I am thankful for, write them down, and pull them out when I am having "one of those weeks" just to remind myself have incredibly blessed I am.

#8 I am blessed by and thankful for my church family. I really can call them family. They are so amazing, encouraging and fun to be around.

#9 Thankful for Gracie....yes, I know she is "just a dog" but for right now she is my child and I am sure any pet owner can understand. She's precious.

#10 Thanking God that I have a job. Not just a job, but a job that brings me joy and satisfaction. 85% of the days I love what I do and I love that I get to make a difference in the lives of children. And, I am thankful that parents entrust me with so much time with their children.

#11 I adore and love my southern family and I am very thankful for them! Thankful that even thought we live 1,000 miles apart we still know what is going on in each others lives and that distance doesn't matter when it comes to family!
{:Just some of my large family:}

#12 I'm grateful and made better that I get to do ministry with my best friend and boyfriend. I am blessed by watching him serve the church and use his gifts to serve God and His people.

#13 Thankful for coffee....This might sound ridiculous, but if you know me or see me in the morning you should be thankful I have coffee too ;0)

#14 Thankful that I have a home I call my own!

November 12, 2012

Living for the War not the battles

Count yourself lucky, how happy you must be—
    you get a fresh start,
    your slate’s wiped clean.

Count yourself lucky—
    God holds nothing against you
    and you’re holding nothing back from him.

When I kept it all inside,
    my bones turned to powder,
    my words became daylong groans.

The pressure never let up;
    all the juices of my life dried up.

Then I let it all out;
    I said, “I’ll make a clean breast of my failures to God.”
Suddenly the pressure was gone—
    my guilt dissolved,
    my sin disappeared.

These things add up. Every one of us needs to pray;
    when all hell breaks loose and the dam bursts
    we’ll be on high ground, untouched

Psalm 32:1-6

GRACE...that was the first thought that came to my mind when I read this piece of scripture Sunday. Then my next thought was....


We all know that every war is made up of battles, and history has shown that just because you lose a battle doesn't mean you have lost the war. It is what you do and take with you from the lost battle that can most help you win the war. 

This life is a war, and when/if you chose to become a Christian you just made the war a little more fierce. There is a war for your destiny and Heaven has an agenda for your life, but unfortunately so does hell. Satan is rather strategic in the war because he plays a mental war. 

In this war we are fighting we are going to "lose some battles". Which ultimately means we have fallen into sin whether its alcohol, drugs, lying, gossip, or even falling away from church. Satan would love to tell you that once you have lost the battler it is all over, but that's simply not true. You may have lost a battle to something you struggle against, but there is still a war to wage, and a war to win.  

Here is what God was telling me as I meditated on this verse and on this thought. The moment you are finished the battle and repent {:simply tell God your sorry:} your slate is wiped clean. But, too often we choose to focus our attention on the lost battles instead of the war and this is what happens....

ONE: When we look at the battles we have lost to sin, and ask for forgiveness, but choose not to live in grace, we are ultimately telling God "sending you're son as a sacrifice wasn't good enough." 
{:Heavy I know, but something worth thinking about:}

TWO: You end up loosing another battle because you're too focused on your mistakes from the last battle and deem yourself a "lost cause." It doesn't matter if you come to God asking for forgiveness for the same thing one time or 701times. God's grace is still as strong in the 701st time as it was the first time.

THREE: You distance yourself from God. When we focus on all of our sin that we are caught up in and the times we fall short we start to see ourselves as unworthy. When we see ourselves as unworthy we notice ourselves reading His word less and praying less because we just aren't quite worthy to be in His presence....Well, here is my reality check.
You are just as unworthy on your best day as you are your worst day. Being worthy has nothing to do with it. Grace has EVERYTHING to do with it.

FOUR: You chose to take a defensive position in the war instead of an offensive position. In battle it is easier to be the aggressor, the attacker than to be the one caught off guard like a deer in the headlights as you're attacked. Wage war on the enemy instead of letting him wage war on you through your thoughts. Start speaking life, destiny, healing, and a spirit that overcomes over you and your family. Start praying against the things the enemy is throwing at you and show the enemy that the battle means nothing because God sent his son to win the war already so there is nothing he can to to destroy you.

The war isn't going to end, at least not while we are on this earth...we are in this war for the long haul, but don't let a few lost battles make you wave the white flag. 
God's grace will see you through the war and he has already planned the victory celebration.

November 11, 2012

Sunday Seven 11/11

Before I get to my Sunday Seven I just want to say a quick Thank You to all of you who have served our country and those of you who have sacrificed time with the ones you love most so they could serve and protect us.

{:Pinned Here:}
Paint your nails a solid color, paint a coat of glitter, then another coat of polish and a shiny clear coat to finish the look.

{:Pinned Here:}
25 tips and tricks to make your home look larger like painting your doors black.

{:Pinned Here:}
YES!!! Story of my life

{:Pinned Here:}
Great for those holiday parties coming up.

{:Pinned Here:}
27 nail tricks including how to easily remove polish from your cuticles and how to do your own gel manicure

{:Pinned Here:}
Paint those old standard oak bathroom cabinets with GEL paint

{:Pinned Here:}

Happy Sunday y'all!

November 7, 2012

November Thankfulness

Everyone seems to be filling Twitter and Facebook with the reasons they are thankful this month. 
Instead of doing that I am devoting to do it every week. Once a week I will post the 7 things I am thankful for. Everyone has room to be more thankful.

I am thankful...
#1: that I am never alone in this life. Thankful that God himself saved me and chose to never leave my side; through every mountain peek and valley low He is a constant presence in my life.

#2: for this incredible man named Josh. For the ways he goes out of his way for me daily. For the random I love you text throughout the day, the nights he shows up with Reese Pieces just because he knows I love him, but mostly just because of who he is and the way he inspires me.

#3 that I have an incredible Dad that taught me how I should be treated and has loved me selflessly everyday of my life.

#4 for my amazing Momma. She is an incredible example of what a mother should be. She has always pushed me, supported me, put in my place {:often needed:}, and been there for me ore than anyone else.

#5 for all of you!!! Thank you so much for even caring what I have to say and what is going on in my world.

#6 for this blog. It has brought me so much joy. therapy, laughter, and even some tears. This blog has just been an awesome way for me to just share my heart and meet some awesome and inspiring new people!

#7 My church....It is the place that God used to change my life and restore me to the person he created me to be. So thankful for it and honored to serve it.

November 6, 2012

Coffee Date #3-Decisions Decisions

Have you ever had so much in your brain to say and no idea how to get it out? I'm there.
I wrote an entire post, but realized it made no sense and had to delete it all. 
Hopefully all these crazy thoughts floating around in my head make it to you in some form that actually makes sense.


So I've been thinking...In essence, our life is one big decision....will we hit the snooze button or get up at the first alarm, am I going to wear my cute, black and animal print flats to work today or my super comfortable low wedge black shoes with a flower? Pumpkin spice or hazelnut creamer this morning? My hair looks like a mess, will I let it ruin my day? You get the point....our days are constantly filled with choices big, small, and those ones that affect your forever. 

When we were babies every choice we had was made for us by someone else and slowly over the years as we matured and gained independence we were able to make our own decisions. 

I was talking to two of my girlfriends the other week at church and the topic turned to making decisions. You know the kind I'm talking about; the kind where someone is going to get hurt or be upset by your decision and there is no way out. The kind of decisions you make that goes against logic and reason, the kinds of decisions that make no sense at all you just know in the depths of your soul to be right. 

Who in the world trusts me enough to make these kinds of decisions?! I can't even pick a restaurant for date night and now I have to make these defy the odds, make no sense kind of decisions? 

So maybe you're not facing one of those monumental decisions right now, but one day you will be. So, I am going to share what God is teaching me through quiet time with him and a little wisdom from my friends.

When making a decision that follows the Father's heart and plan for your life, it rarely makes sense to you or anyone else. You will often hear the direction from God and be filled with His Spirit in the moment and ready to make that life altering decision, but then life comes and questions arise, and "logic" comes in to play with the 25 questions of "what ifs" rolling around in your mind. When this happens go back to that moment where it wasn't a decision it was a directive from the Father himself. Don't depend on what you feel...go with what you know. And, what you know is that He will never leave you and never forsake you....especially when following His will. When you think about decisions that way it becomes a little easier.

So who trusted me with these life altering decisions? He did,the creator of the universe. He chose you and He chose me to listen to Him and follow his will so His plan on this earth could come to completion. 
So take time today to LISTEN to Him, to spend TIME with Him, and to DO His will.

November 4, 2012

Sunday Seven 11/4

Post Sandy...everyone {:and by everyone, yes I just mean me and my Gracie:}and everything is fine here at the house some pretty crazy sights as I drove around town but we are absolutely lucky compared to some others on the coast.

I had Monday and Tuesday off from school which gave me extra time for pinning so see what ya think...

{:Pinned Here:}
This is on my birthday/Christmas wish list this year.
It is by Michael Kors

{:Pinned Here:}
Such a great idea for displaying engagement pictures around your home.
Can't wait to do this one.

{:Pinned Here:}
Another item on the wish list.

{:Pinned Here:}
I have seen the picture frame before but this is a cute alternative.

{:Pinned Here:}
Victoria Secret Model hair tips...because every girl has hair envy watching their fashion show and flipping through the catalog.

{:Pinned Here:}
I have tried to make theses ice cream cone cupcakes with pouring the cake batter in the cone and it just spelled DISASTER

{:Pinned Here:}
I couldn't find a great shoe pin so I found a great hair pin.

Hope you enjoyed?

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