November 6, 2012

Coffee Date #3-Decisions Decisions

Have you ever had so much in your brain to say and no idea how to get it out? I'm there.
I wrote an entire post, but realized it made no sense and had to delete it all. 
Hopefully all these crazy thoughts floating around in my head make it to you in some form that actually makes sense.


So I've been thinking...In essence, our life is one big decision....will we hit the snooze button or get up at the first alarm, am I going to wear my cute, black and animal print flats to work today or my super comfortable low wedge black shoes with a flower? Pumpkin spice or hazelnut creamer this morning? My hair looks like a mess, will I let it ruin my day? You get the point....our days are constantly filled with choices big, small, and those ones that affect your forever. 

When we were babies every choice we had was made for us by someone else and slowly over the years as we matured and gained independence we were able to make our own decisions. 

I was talking to two of my girlfriends the other week at church and the topic turned to making decisions. You know the kind I'm talking about; the kind where someone is going to get hurt or be upset by your decision and there is no way out. The kind of decisions you make that goes against logic and reason, the kinds of decisions that make no sense at all you just know in the depths of your soul to be right. 

Who in the world trusts me enough to make these kinds of decisions?! I can't even pick a restaurant for date night and now I have to make these defy the odds, make no sense kind of decisions? 

So maybe you're not facing one of those monumental decisions right now, but one day you will be. So, I am going to share what God is teaching me through quiet time with him and a little wisdom from my friends.

When making a decision that follows the Father's heart and plan for your life, it rarely makes sense to you or anyone else. You will often hear the direction from God and be filled with His Spirit in the moment and ready to make that life altering decision, but then life comes and questions arise, and "logic" comes in to play with the 25 questions of "what ifs" rolling around in your mind. When this happens go back to that moment where it wasn't a decision it was a directive from the Father himself. Don't depend on what you feel...go with what you know. And, what you know is that He will never leave you and never forsake you....especially when following His will. When you think about decisions that way it becomes a little easier.

So who trusted me with these life altering decisions? He did,the creator of the universe. He chose you and He chose me to listen to Him and follow his will so His plan on this earth could come to completion. 
So take time today to LISTEN to Him, to spend TIME with Him, and to DO His will.

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