November 29, 2012

November Thankfulness Week 3 1/2

I am a day behind, but yesterday was not a great day for me...but here is the last week and a half of just a few of the things I am thankful for.

#15 I am thankful that it is time for NON STOP Christmas music and Christmas decorations!

#16 Thankful for morning when I get to casually sip my coffee and read as many blogs as I care to

#17 I brought my first dish to a family meal! So I am thankful my family trusted my cooking skills enough to let me bring a holiday favorite.

#18 Thankful that I still have young enough people in my life that can teach me the dance moves to all the "cool" songs like Gangnam Style....*heeeeeey sexy lady*

#19 Thankful for the first Thanksgiving ever served in my own home!
{:Cooking with Josh and his mom:}

#20 Thankful that even when I can't feel Him I know He is with me

#21 Thankful for my girl friends. The kind that I can talk to about absolutely anything. The ones who I can go weeks without talking to and pick up with them like we hung out yesterday!

#23 Thankful for an AMAZING thanksgiving Friday.

#24 Thankful that I get to spend my birthday with my family from out of town this year!

#25 Thankful that my house is super clean at the moment!

#26 Thankful that my Gracie girl has been very cuddly lately.

#27 Thankful for who ever thought of Cyber Monday! All the Black Friday Deals and none of the CRAZY people or lines....DONE

#28 Thankful for my co-wrkers. The two girls on my kindergarten team are fun people and excellent people to brain storm ideas with.

#29 Thankful for so many memories I have with my momma and that I get to share some more with her this year.
{:Mom Monday night at her birthday dinner:}
#30 Thankful to be adding another member to the family. My cousin Lacy is engaged!

{:Lacy (left) and I:}

November is over tomorrow but I am still determined to have a thankful spirit long past November.

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