November 21, 2012

November Thankfulness Week 3

You probably thought that since I didn't post my Sunday Seven this week that I wouldn't post my November Thankfulness didn't you? No worries! I couldn't let my readers down twice in one week! Well I honestly don't even know how I got so busy that I forgot to put together my Sunday Seven, but that means next weeks will just be extra good. So here is what I am thankful for this week...

15- Thankful for family that travels up to West Virginia from Alabama to spend holidays with us. My aunt and uncle just got in town yesterday for Thanksgiving. And BONUS, she is a superb cook!

{:Them and two of their grandchildren:}

16- I am thankful for the Stanford and Baylor football teams successfully beating Oregon and Kansas State;t therefore, putting Alabama at number 2 and setting them up for a BCS National Championship game!! ROLL TIDE!

17- Thankful for the absolute best class a teacher could ask for. Seriously, I do not have even one behavior problem....any teacher knows that is unheard of! I am not going to want to let the go come May.

18- As much as I love those kiddos, I am thankful for a short work week this week and some time off.

19- Thankful that when I think about every single one of my friends I can't help but think how happy they are in life. Life definitely seems to be blooming all around and seeing them so happy, I cannot help but smile just thinking about it. {:Guess I better start budgeting for all those wedding/baby shower gifts:}

20- Thankful that glitter and sparkles are in style! They are my favorite and I will be so sad and unfashionable when they go out of style. 

21- Thankful for the nights where I get to have my friends and family over to the house and just spend time with them!

I love bringing so much intentionality to the things I am thankful for so thanks for reading them. I hope it inspires you to find the things you are thankful for in this day.

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