December 13, 2012

2012 Goals in Review

Okay so as 2012 comes to a close I suppose it is time to take a look back on how I did with my goals...
1~ Graduate with my Masters Degree 
I DID I DID I DID. On May 21st I graduated with my Master's Degree in Elementary Education
2~ Paint my bedroom and bathroom
I haven't done this, but in my defense I did hire a friend to do it back in July. He just happens to have a roofing business and has been crazy busy so he hasn't gotten to me yet. But, does it count that I have at least done my part?
3~ Read my Bible daily
Ok moment of truth....I started out so strong this year but I allowed myself to put other things before this at times this year so it will absolutely end up on my 2013 goal list...well reading my Bible regularly is a life goal.
4~ Memorize scripture 
I've memorized a few but the ones I memorize I often forget if I don't continually repeat them to myself. So those that I don't use as often I loose quickly. So memorize scripture yes, retain, not so much.
5~Be more intentional about putting myself together  
I've done very well with this. I probably could count the number of times I left the house without makeup or in sweats and I have painted my nails more this year than any other year EVER
6~ Hitting the snooze button less
7~ Post book reviews on the books I am reading
I have finished my first one. Check it out here
Yup that one was the only one I did all year?
9~Get a dog
She's the bestest
10~ Make weekly goals for myself
I'm awesome at making goals, maybe next year I will actually meet my goals...Oops
11~Do something I have never done before
I did several things I've never done before like going to a Lady Antebellum Concert,

Experienced one of my besties becoming a Mommy for the first time
Went to Baltimore for the 4th of July

AND I helped plan a women's event for 400 woman!
12~Recognize the purpose within each and every day
I can't say I have done this every day but I notice that starting my day off with prayer is 100% the best way to make this happen. It centers me and puts me in the right state to start the day
13~Not get so lost or busy in the day to day tasks that I become too busy for people.
I think I've done well with this but I could always get better. The amazing thing I've realized that why it is so hard to make time for people is because I have so so so many amazing people in my life!

{:Love hanging out with these young people:}
14~Put in flowerbeds in my front yard 
I dug the beds and have the mulch down but no flowers yet so I give it a half cross off
15~Cook at least one meal a week 
BAHAHAHAHA Yeaaaa right...this isn't even going on the list of goals for next year. I think I'm hopeless....but I found a man too cook for me thats about the same right?
16~Get more creative with my blogging
Considering I started blogging in January of this year I have learned so much. Also in this short year I've also learned how important it is to balance your life and not become so consumed with blogging about life that I miss out on some awesome parts of life.
17~Pay anonymously for someone meal
Not yet, but there's still time right
18~Organize my office
19~Go horseback riding with my dad
This is sad but no I haven't completed this one.

So here is to crossing things off my "list" in 2012.

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