December 27, 2012

Christmas Recap

We have had an absolute blast over the past few days celebrating Christmas with my family in Alabama and luckily I have cousins who are picture maniacs and captured a lot of the fun! 

All the unmarried cousins.
 I have an incredibly beautiful family!
 Mon, Dad, Dale and I
 Fun props for family photos

 The unmarried girl cousins {:with the props:}
 {:without the props:}

 The girls oohing and ahhing over the newest addition to the clan, Jacob.

We play this fun game every Christmas year where you have a box wrapped with duck tape and the boxes keep getting smaller. Everyone playing sits in a circle and you take turns rolling the dice. If you roll doubles you put on the santa hat, scarf, and ski gloves then you begin to open the present. As you are doing this everyone else keeps rolling the dice. When someone else rolls doubles they steal all the "garb" from you and start opening. The person who gets the last box open wins....and I won!!!

 There were numerous tornados Christmas day and we spent some time in the "toilet room" {:because calling it a bathroom would make it seem WAAAAY bigger than it was:} Yup, count us. There are 6 of us in there! There were even more people in the closet. This seems like it was all fun and games but literally second before this picture there were prayers and tears filling that bathroom. A lot of damage down here, but we are all safe and now we have a funny memory.

Another GREAT Christmas for the books!

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