December 3, 2012

My Birthday in DC

You might have read in my post yesterday that this weekend was a jammed packed fun weekend. 
Mainly because it was my birthday on Saturday and I have so many people in my world that are so amazing that I was pretty much spoiled all weekend.
 {:If you are wondering how old I am, I just celebrated my 21st birthday for the 6th time :) :}

My birthday weekend started out with dinner at the awesome Japanese Steakhouse in town, then we came back to the house for gifts with my parents and pictures of course!
Saturday morning Josh and I headed into DC for the day.
We rode in on the Metro and let's just say that between the two of us we lack "city smarts."
 So we get off the Metro at what I was sure was the closest point to the National Mall....well that was just strike one in the day of my terrible sense of direction.
But we strolled through the city and about 2 miles later we were at the Washington Monument.

 {:My eyes really are open just squinty I promise!:}
Then we strolled along to the Lincoln Memorial
It really was a pretty perfect December day

After walking all that way we realized the Smthsonian of American History, that we wanted to visit, was 2 miles in the opposite direction again. After visiting that museum we were pooped from walking and it was starting to get chilly so we decided to visit Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum....We had a blast meeting up with all of our friends.
 Josh discussed the Civil War with Abe and I decided to free some slaves with Harriet Tubman
 After that I sat down with Rosa Parks while Josh gave MLK some tips on speaking

Then I got the better end of the deal when I hung out with the Kenned's and poor Josh was interrogated.
But it was made up to him when he got to hang out with his BFF Julia Roberts and got an interview with Oprah!
I couldn't let him get all the attention so I decided to take a few modeling lessons from my girl Tyra.
HAHA anyway back to reality.
After this it was time for dinner so back on the Metro we went {:which continually ate our money:} only to walk in the wrong direction again to dinner because of my awesome sense of direction. We finally get to the restaurant we made reservations at and they are CLOSED! What turns out that restaurant closed and their number sent you straight to their Arlington restaurant which we couldn't get to on time. We decided we would just head home and go to their resturaunt that was only a mile from where we got on the Metro and on our way to dinner and as we were waiting I had to catch up with my Alabama Football Game!
{:In case you're wondering...they won:}
 Then to end the night Josh took me for an incredible dinner at The Melting Pot. It was worth the wait.

Such a fun day and awesome birthday!

I forgot one of the best parts...for my birthday Josh got me tickets to the Ballet West Tour of The Nutcracker at The Kennedy Center!
 Ballet West was the company that was documented on the reality show Breaking Pointe.
Needless to say I am counting down the days until Friday :)

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